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Robotechs Southern Cross Units ready for battle.

Well hi there scifi nerds and fantasy geeks...
Welcome to my page on my favorite scifi and fantasy stuff.  I hope you have fun checking it out.

If you know anything about me then you know I'm an amatuer scifi and fantasy writer in my spare time.  So obviously I probably have a geeky hobby of collecting scifi and fantasy crap.  Well you're right. 
My favorite movies are scifi and fantasy, my favorite books... its just something I never grew out of.  If you're into scifi you should really like this site.  Thanks for coming!

Donnie Darko


Good Sleeper.
A great film coproduced by Drew Barrymore.  The story follows a teenage boy Donnie Darko in an 1980's setting.  The bipolar sleep deprived Donnie is thrown into a  spiraling set of events after one of his sleep walking episodes leads him away from disaster.  Because of the strange circumstances surrounding his being saved when he should be dead Donnie is thrust into a world where time and space have become distorted and his imaginary friend Frank the rabbit propheciezes the end of the world.  Frank has Donnie go on a wild rampage through out his town while Donnie is sleep walking.
Donnie reads a book given to him by his science teacher.  The book is written by a crazy old woman that sits out at her mail box every day waiting for something but no body in town knows what... Donnie learns she had discovered the secrets of time space and Donnie begins to understand that he has some how cheated his own destiny and must set things right. 
This powerful story is a visual bonanza and having been set back in the 80's you know the soundtracks...  So go out and rent this DVD... Its well worth it.


Film Review by Apone

The Two Towers

I finally saw LOTR's The Two Towers last night.  It was a wonderful epic and was done well.  They basically keep to the story... provided some stuff involving Arowin and Aragorn was embelished but basically the story has a good flow and does Tolkien's story justice. 
I was very impressed with the digital animation of Gollum and the goblin armies as well as the battle sequences at the end of the film. I gave it a two thumbs up here. 


I will be starting a scifi fantasy chat channel on mIRC for those interested.

check out the forum and talk to other scifi and fantasy fans!

Cloak and Dagger

Come play the live action game I'm starting in March 2003.

Alien vs Predator?

Okay already whats the freaking deal here?  We Alien & Predator fans have been drooling over this controversy for over ten years now and still no news on what the status report of the film is... the projects been scrapped reopened and scrapped again and has been cloaked in secerets and controversy for many years now.  And still there is no official news or word on the progress of the project.  By the time these people figure it out we won't need to see the movie because it'll be a reality! 
Just goes to show how Hollywood can be one messed up entitity.  I think that when the movie is finally released though if done correctly it will either be one of the most fantastic tales ever shown on the silver screen or the biggest flop to ever come out of Hollywood.  Let us hope for a movie that is well deserving of the titals...
Alien and Predator

Hope you enjoy: