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Cloak and Dagger...


Come and Play with us!

Playing The Game

Cloak and Dagger is a game of espionage. underhandedness and plain old puzzle work.  The goal of the game is to solve the puzzle and gain your prize.  The prize being a cash reward of $100.00.  You can also get prizes and other cash rewards for solving certain bonus puzzles.
Individuals and Teams can be initiated in game play.  One starts the game by signing up and paying an entry fee of $5.00.  This entry fee is put into the cash pool and is also used for the bonus prizes and gaming materials.
The game takes place in real time.  Teams and individuals collect clues, maps and objects that allow that team to move on to the next puzzle.  Some clues will be found on the net.  Others will be found at an actual location or business. 
The Cloak and Dagger game will more then likely be in effect some time next year.  The location is C.O.C. College of the Canyons in Valencia.  Or you can sign up for the game on my web page.  Good luck to you all!   


Come win the prize!

Fill in the form with your information and I'll email you back the information on joining Cloak and Dagger.

Join Us

Game and Rules:

Cloak and Dagger Game Rules...
* You must be 18 years old to sign up and play the game.
* No violent, and or malicious behavior will be tolerated... any individuals or teams found to be involved in such behavior or acts will be automatically disqualified from the game and their moneys withheld.
* Any vandalizing and or other criminal acts will not be tolerated and will automatically disqualify any team or individual involved in such acts.  The entry fee will be withheld upon disqualification.
* All prizes will be claimed upon varification of the completion of a set task, activity, or puzzle.
Legal Disclaimer...
* The Game master claims no responcibilty for that actions of the players or teams and their activities while engaged in game play.  Individuals found doing criminal acts durring game play will be souly responcible for themselves and their activities.
* This is strictly a game for Entertainment purpouses only.  Any claims other wise should be dismissed.  This game in no way premotes violence and or other criminal activities.   
* The Game Master claims no responcibility for actions taken or done under the name of the game. 
Remember kids... This is all about fun and prizes.  You should never try and hurt other people for material gain.  So have fun go out there and claim whats yours!

Contact Information:
Game Master Apone
Mail Address:
27116 Hidaway Ave #5
Canyon Country, CA 91351

Game Play Starts 03/01/03

For more information call: (661) 250-1640